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Evdemo Home Design was established in early 2015 to produce home furniture products suitable for the modern age, and its history goes back half a century. The Evdemo brand has been growing day by day thanks to the positive comments made by its customers and the intense interest in products where price and quality are prioritized.
Malva Kozmetik became a part of the global cosmetics sector in 2011 based on “maximum quality-optimum price” principle and rich and varied experiences in the cosmetic sector. Based in Gebze Plastic Manufacturers’ Organized Industrial Zone (GEPOSB) with facilities of 6.000 m², Malva Kozmetik produces cosmetics such as nail varnish, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, powder, foundation cream and lipgloss under the brand name “Malva” and “Topface”. In parallel with “Maximum Quality-Optimum Price” principle, the most important aspect is “quality” in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Holding ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics GMP certificates, our organization is regularly audited by the international audit companies. Accelerating its operations since the day it was founded, Malva Kozmetik is an organization with hundred percent Turkish capital that managed to achieve a high rank among the cosmetics exporters of Turkey in a short time. All women are beautiful! Malva Kozmetik promises for extraordinary results that can be obtained with quality products designed to unveil the beauty.
Mil Mineral Oil Petrol Products Chemical Industry. ve Tic. Inc. It was established in 2010 and obtained a mineral oil production license. It continues its production in its facilities with a capacity of 74,887 tons/year in Gebze with a closed area of ​​5.500m2 and an open area of ​​4.500m2. We continue our goals and activities with our principle of being respectful and sensitive to the environment. While we continue to cooperate with many distributors in approximately 70 provinces in the country, our product distribution area in the foreign market is expanding day by day with our quality. In our production facility, our R&D studies continue without slowing down to become the best domestic and highest quality product in our laboratory equipped with advanced technology devices that meet product analysis, customer demands and needs. Our ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 certified company continues to produce according to international standards with more than 98 product types, while advancing to become a world brand with its brands.
Bioluster is a revolutionary brand new hair repair system. It has been proven by clinical studies that a few chemically treated hairs grow up to 300% after Bioluster. Bioluster Revive Instant Repair which is the step 2 of the Biouster Hair Care Series uses a patent stage polymer called Lustreloc Technology. This technology helps to combine the segments of the product that are separated into the layers of the hair and strengthen the hair.
Formet Metal ve Cam Sanayi", which exports cooker, heater, furniture, door and glass products to many countries of the World, is growing rapidly in exports as one of Turkey's important manufacturers in metal and glass based sectors. "Formet Metal ve Cam Sanayi", which includes the strong brands of the sector such as Formet, Flatelli, As Royal, Papuchbox, Star, Formet Celik Kapi, Formet Kelebek Masa, operates in Kayseri, the capital of the oven, furniture and door sectors. Formet brands, which carry out their production in their modern facilities established on a total area of 82.000 m2, have sufficient but gradually increasing capacities. In addition to the product group of Formet Steel Door brand, which is also known as Turkey's largest steel door company; With its ever-increasing investments in cooker and heater product groups such as freestanding ovens, built-in ovens, built-in hobs, chimney hoods, midi ovens, gas stoves, electric heaters, tabletop cookers, and rapidly increasing sales in furniture product groups such as tables, chairs ,swings, shoe cabinets, and metal cabinets, "Formet ve Cam Sanayi” continues to grow in exports with a determined momentum.
As SARVONNI FURNITURE (ELITEX GRUP) we manufacture and supply home furniture, headboard, bedroom sets and dining room sets.