Safir Triple Sport Sofa Armchair

Product features: Wipeable woven imported soho fabric is used in the product. Square meter weight is 480 grams. Friction resistance over 50,000 cycles. Soft texture with low pile. The undercoat fabric is not circular knitted, but plain knitted. Particleboard, wood and MDF materials are used in the production of the casing of our product. Cropped sponges are used in the pillows. The seat part of the product does not contain a spring and 28 Dns gray hard sponge & Wadding is used. The sponge used has medium hardness. The sponge used is guaranteed not to collapse. Steel construction is used in the back section. Back metal is made of 1mm profile. Product feet are Reinforced plastic. Anti-carcinogenic and anti-bacterial materials are used. It is produced with materials suitable for the environment and child health. Our products are shipped after quality control is done by our expert staff. Use the movable filled cushions by turning them periodically, so that there will be no collapse, defo
Safir Triple Sport Sofa Armchair
  • Safir Triple Sport Sofa Armchair


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